Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of produce can I expect?

Each box will be different from week to week as the growing conditions change over the course of the Summer. We grow an assortment of typical veggies like tomato, pepper, green beans, but also some unusual things such as fennel, bok choi and ground cherries.
For a list of what we grow and when it is in season, click here: 
What's in Season

Can I split a share?

Yes you can! Have one member sign up and pay. You can combine your money and pay at one time, or contact us to set up 2 different payment forms. You each will have access to the account via your own emails.

Is your produce organic?

We are not certified organic. We use several organic methods in our practice, but do not feel the certification is worth the extra added expense and time commitment. We are up front with our customers about our practices and will gladly tell you about how we grow your food. We feel confident we have yours and our best interests at heart. We rarely use any sprays, but if we do, we always follow Organic OMRI standards. We believe in using natural compost to enrich the soil, natural fertilizers to add an extra boost to those crops that need it, beneficial insects to control insect pressures, crop rotations to help manage disease, drip irrigation to conserve water usage and more! Please ask if you have specific questions about how we grow healthy produce that is safe for you to eat.

What if I want to take a vacation?

     We believe vacations are necessary for our health, important for our explorative imaginations, vital in our appreciation for other cultures, and just plain fun. Summer happens to be a great time to vacation. So, what do you do with your box?
      -      Our first request is that you simply choose to have someone else you know pick up your box for you.
      -      If you don’t want to gift your box to anyone else, you can choose to defer 1 box to another date during the season. 
     -      We will also gladly donate your box to a local food pantry if that is what you choose to do.

What happens if I miss my pick-up time?

Our time is valuable, as is yours. We will commit to being at the pick-up site for specified hours and ask that you respect our time as well.  If you know you will be running late, a quick text message goes a LONG way. We will accommodate you the best we can. If you forget to pick up, specific pick-up sites have different rules regarding a possible later pick-up time. Please read our Policies for details

Can I choose what comes in my box?

YES! New this year! You are able to select your preferences before the beginning of the season. Each week of the season, we will build your box based upon those preferences. You then have the option to adjust your quantities in your customer dashboard up until the deadline. 

How do I sign up?